Not So Fast Tony

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I can’t really say much in argument to the facts Bourdain is presenting here. That isn’t my point. And, I have a pretty good record of endorsing these kind of sentiments: yes urban liberals look down on middle America. Who can deny that?

What bugs me is the mirror image contempt that these attitudes imply.

Just ask yourself this question: how can it possibly be true that ~50% of the country gets to take zero responsibility for what the culture has become? I mean, it’s not like the ordinary people consume and enjoy the culture and products of the lands the elite liberals inhabit. #amirite

The only way to do that is say they’re a completely powerless group of innocent marginalized oppressed victims.

To me that is the ultimate contempt to the power of the ordinary man. But, somehow the ordinary man doesn’t seem to be too upset over it.

This would be an astounding, except for the fact that victim-hood culture is much more pervasive than the average Anti-PC right-winger would care to admit.



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