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One thing the Internet is starting to show me is how people tend towards savagery.

I know that doesn’t sound like some kind of great revelation…but, I remember when the new media was going to replace the main stream media. Now everyday the new media is bending into the shape of the main stream media. Just look at It used to be so edgy…now it’s hard to distinguish between it and fox news.

As, I just took a peek over there while I was writing this post; I couldn't have dreamed of a better front page that illustrates my point...
I just took a peek over there while I was writing this post; I couldn’t have dreamed of a better front page to so clearly illustrate my point…  Congrats guys. You’re the MSM now.

You can also see this dynamic in what has become of YouTube.

I’m a libertarian anarchist. Many of my ideological friends may blame it on tightening government control of the cybergates. But, this is not a sufficient explanation.

The MSM is simply showing people what they like. And, people like abdicating their responsibilities to thought controllers because being civilized is hard. Being angry and offended is easy.

Or, you can just keep on believing that commies and SJWs did all this damage to Western civilization. But, that doesn’t sound any different to me than when a feminist blames the patriarchy for all her (yes I am assuming gender in the current year) problems.



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