When the Right Plays the Victim

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I saw this in my newsfeed and it reminded me of something I’ve been churning over but haven’t been able to put into words until now.

I’m not a fan of “multi-culturalism”-but for some (but not all) different reasons than I would suspect this person holds: I dislike it because it’s Orwellian language, not so much because of it’s stated ends. People like J Burton take it at face value-as if the elite-left are actually interested in fostering growth of culture <derisivesnort>.

But, it’s much easier to act like a victim of “multi-culturalism”, than to admit these two facts: One, that you and your tribe lost their culture. Two, “We built it” isn’t a good enough reason to elect a strongman like Trump to demand it back without the inconvenience of rebuilding it yourself.




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